Welcome to the site! This is where I compile all my "art" stuff. The music, articles, literature and resource links and such. All our original music is free of charge for your use. We hope the music lightens your load or brightens your day a little bit more as you take it in. We hope to deliver the most important words and music to advance the human condition. If you like the material feel free to contribute to the cause. (Thank you!)

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Latest News - 11/8/15

We have purchased some new computer stuff and of course more guitars. We've had some weird digital anomalies that are ruining the mix downs so we're updating everything. What is amazing is, back in the day we'd have to have a house full of analog gear to accomplish what we can today in a PC! It all costs much less too boot. Rather than a million bucks we can get it all going for just a few grand! If there is a drawback it would be the constant learning curve as systems and software change and update but it's worth the work for the amazing things you can do with it all. We can literally write and record from many different PCs and they all sync up. Make collaborating a cinch! So in a matter of a few weeks Phoenix will be done and then it's on to the new stuff! It's exciting!



This Phoenix Project has been years in the making and getting closer to completion. we are now in the final mixing stage. Along with the audio tracks, I’ll be writing some articles for it. It’ll include the background stories for each song, a short article connected to their meanings and purposes of each song and of course the lyrics. I hope to do some simple videos for every song so I can YouTube them for you as well. You can hear some of the songs from this project already at the music tab. Stand by for more concerning this project.

After this one is done we'll be collaborating with my buddy Scott Nysse on some new stuff. He’s been working on some nice riffs that I think can be great new rockers! The project will be called Tyrants and Patriots. Each song will reflect patriotism with enemies of the state from times past and today. We have one song almost done called Prisons and Politicians. We'll publish each song as we complette them so stand by!


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